A Bohemian Existence

Detroit etc 005-2I was born a free spirit. I am grounded in my bohemian existence. The world of definition and restriction baffles me yet I have learned that accountability, integrity, work ethic and persistence to reach goals serves me well by allowing me the freedom and fortitude to pursue my endless curiosity and longing to merge with the spiritual realm of artistic expression.


This is not complicated. My expressive avenues are far ranging and have coverd a multitude of medium. Photography has become my current yet renewed passion and as I reflect back over the years of my time this time here on earth…photography entered into my awareness as a bribe at the splendid age of five…and it worked. As a sensitive and bossy kindergartner (and I admit, those qualities have endured the years) I found peace and solace when my thumb discreetly found it’s way to my mouth…which of course disturbed my parents greatly. As a way to break this unacceptable pattern I was offered a bribe…a brownie camera for abstinence, and lo and behold…my habit miraculously ceased to exist, I might ad, immediately…and my thumb then rather provided the support to this boxy piece of plastic with a primitive lens which allowed my index finger to press a square rectangular button that magically captured a moment in time. Whoa. Magic. Those were great years inspite of the trauma of being five. I remember “shooting” Dad with his gun and hunting jacket…where is that picture now???…likely in a box in Vermont…and Hacklebarney State Park outings where I chronicled the stones and brooks and woods and adventures of my siblings age 3 and 1 at the picnic tables…and bears…we looked for bears…and toads and frogs and minnows in the stream…I felt so empowered and so unrestricted with my precious little camera.

That feeling of freedom, oneness, spontaneity and empowerment I believe is the heart and soul of photography and really any form of artistic expression for that matter. Later, there was my fascination with the polaroid camera craze and it’s instant, albeit expensive, gratification…and then there were the years of the pocket instamatic cameras…at the time they seemed so technologically savvy…but when the digital cameras made their debut…I was completely hooked. Talk about instant gratification. Wow. Today my photographic tools remain very simple…an olympus point and shoot 10 megapixels with a macro zoom that is so compact I can carry it in my pocket…but I have to say packs a powerful punch. And for now…it serves me quite well as it allows my eye to merge with the subject at hand and capture a moment that nature chooses to share with me without a complicated learning curve and heavy piece of equipment. I am forever astounded when the gifts and depths inherent in the world of nature reveal themselves to me…immediately apparent after I press the shutter and look to see what treasure awaits on the screen. Seriously…it’s a gift of nature that the flowers and landscape choose to reveal through me to the world. I am constantly in awe of the worlds within worlds that are generously and graciously exposed on film through me.

That said, I invite you to experience the realms of nature and art expressed in candid splendor through the lens I carry with me. May the images speak to you in a language and expression meaningful to you. May you find peace, inspriation, answers, self-awareness in the elements and colors and patterns revealed to your eye through mine. I take no personal credit for this work but rather thank God…or Creator…or Divine Essence…and the nature kingdom of plants, flowers, insects, butterflies, landscape, animals, for sharing their souls and wisdom and deepest secrets. Enjoy.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments and insights.


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