Daisy Daisy

After Vermont Summer 2009 022-5I am obsessed with daisies. I always have been. Daisies and Forget Me Nots…my all time favorite flowers. I grew up living next door to my Granny and Gramps. Granny used to sing to me “Daisy Daisy…give me your answer, do. I’m half crazy…” I spent many hours at their house next door. Granny and Gramps had a really cool attic that we were on occasion allowed to explore…there was a real stuffed owl up there that was kinda scarey…but he never did anything more than stare at us when we were scouring boxes for treasures. Treasure hunting in the attic extended to treasure hunting in the back yard. There were what seemed fields of daisies in their back yard…and I remember picking endless bouquets and proudly presenting them to my loving and gracious grandparents. There is no relationship quite so special as a grandparent(s) to a grandchild.

Daisies come in many shapes and colors and I love them all. Their simple elegance is both enchanting and playful. Fields of daisies, bouquets of daisies, single daisies, bunches of daisies…refreshing and familiar…kind of a comfort flower. This photographic interpretation is elegant, which is how she quietly asked to be remembered.

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