After Vermont Summer 2009 044-2Cheers to all the amazingly talented artists and photographers out there! Your work and talent takes my breath away. I visited many sites/blogs this evening and added a few to my blog roll. You all inspire me.

I love the sherbert colors and light reflection in this flower…I can almost taste it…raspberry lemon-lime ice!! Nature gifts us with the most incredible palettes of color. See how the petals swirl in pristine geometric precision…inherently perfect and beautiful.

Astrologically speaking…the thoughts and actions of the day will be apparent for the next six months. I thought all day about Truffles and Tea…I ordered my new business cards (same color scheme as this flower) and dreamed of the day my business takes care of me. I want to travel the county and world and chronicle life and nature with my camera and blog, and share with the world. I’ve learned both through experience and faith that we are the creators of our personal experiences and it’s both our choices and personal responsibility that determine how our existence unfolds. I know inside when I am following my heart…and when lifes flows with graceful persistence and obstacles become transparent…my destiny unfolds effortlessly. We are all artists in some fashion. It’s impossible for me to deny my passion and expression  and live a fulfilling life. Enough rambling.

Enjoy the next six months…however it unfolds! And the next…and the next…and the next…

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