new summer 2009 047-1For as long as I can remember, fireworks have been an utter fascination for me. As a child, we would go to the golf course in Bernardsville, New Jersey, for the 4th of July show, and camp out for hours in anticipation of the light display to come. The lead off group was always “The Fire Flies”…and then when the big show started…we would lie there in awe as colors exploded one after another after another and the vibrant bangs shook the ground right to the core our little souls. To this day I love fireworks. They clear the air. Their brilliant impressions last forever.

This flower was one of many that I photographed at Eastern Market in Detroit. I love Eastern Market. It is so alive and has the best energy. Inspite of our economic challenges here in Michigan, the market thrives, week after week. Farmers with their fresh produce and gorgeous flowers and plants line the market stalls. Many times I go down to the market and come home with hundreds of pictures and many fewer bags than photos. Markets are wonderful places to capture some great shots. Eastern Market is an all time favorite of mine.

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2 Responses to Fireworks

  1. Hey Cathy,

    I must say you have a wonderful eye for seeing behind the flower to something more splendid and very inspiring posts especially the one about photography.

    Glad you dropped by my blog 🙂

    • cathyross says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate your visit to my site. I’ll visit yours again soon. Your photos are delightful and inspiring to me.

      Glad you dropped by mine!

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