Vermont…Don’t Blink

Vermont 2009 013 - Copy-1This is Reading, Vermont. Don’t blink…you may miss it. It’s a lovely little tiny town. They have a church, general store, and a few houses along Main Street. Vermont is a beautiful state. My folks retired there back in 1985, having spent 25 years in Basking Ridge and Bernardsville, New Jersey, where I grew up. I visit at least once a year, and have grown extremely fond of the peace and tranquility I feel when I’m there. This picture was taken when I was there in June. I posted on Facebook…”Cathy Ross is heading out to photograph the Vermont contryside…and may never return”. It’s just that pretty. Anyway, I’m posting this picture because it is my Dad’s favorite from that trip. He suggested the location and the angle…and to make it as clear to me as possible (it’s common knowledge that I have a tendency to get lost) he carefully drew this map for me on a post-it-note…and believe it or not, I found it exactly as directed 🙂

new summer 2009 013Dad’s idea was to capture the church and the red barn standing back down the street, looking at the church, by the barn. I fussed a little, but eventually got something I was pleased with. To me, it’s just a picture of a pretty Vermont town. To Dad, it’s his daugher’s masterpiece.

When I decided that I was going to turn my photos into a collection of greeting cards (yes, that is coming…I have the 80 plus cards designed, mounted in earth friendly photo stock, and ready to post), I sent Dad this card with a little note that he had just received my very first card. There’s more to this. My Dad has a little room in their house in Vermont…it’s all of about 7 feet by 7 feet or so. It’s his “library/study”…we call it his mini-museum…and he lovingly keeps all his treasures from the past 76 years displayed in cabinets that he made (Dad’s work was/is custom woodwork…and he’s amazingly talented). He has all kinds of things from political buttons of Ronald Reagan, to clay figures we made as kids, to this tiny little seed that measures about 1/4 inch, it’s red with a teeny tiny white cap that fits snuggly, and inside has about 5 or so carved ivory elephants that you need a microscope to see. No kidding. This room contains a plethora of unbelievable trinkets, each of which has a story and meaning.

OK…what I’m leading up to is this…my card is displayed right at eye level in the center of the room. Yup. It’s quite an honor to have a prime spot in the museum. But what’s even more incredibly cool is Dad’s encouragement, support and unconditional love. His consistenly positive outlook on life inspires me. Dad has parkinsons. Parkinsons is dreadful. Dad never complains. He still works in his woodworking shop. His latest project was a case for a Red Sox limited edition carousel music box he and Mom gave my daughter Brooke and me (joint gift as we both are hopelessly hooked on the Red Sox)…and the case is beautiful “museum quality” work 🙂 Dad keeps on going inspite of what slows him down. Love ya Dad!! 

Well, that ends this post. There are more pictures coming of Vermont. And BTW, thanks for reading my stories. Be back soon.

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4 Responses to Vermont…Don’t Blink

  1. iheartfilm says:

    Sadly, I’ve only been to Vermont once, and that was in the winter. Never had the privilege of being there in the summer.

  2. jc says:

    Not sure which I love better, the picture of the barn & church, or the post-it drawing that your dad made. Both made me smile 🙂

  3. cathyross says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes…it gets very cold in Vermont…but I still love it.

    Your site is just beautiful. I left you message.


  4. Seems like it wuld be a very nice little town….just to cold for me.


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