Shabby Chic

new summer 2009 048-3Shabby chic. Classy cool. Either way…she’s my favorite. She started out a bright yellow sunflower but wanted to be different than the rest so I obliged. We kept her colors at her core, and made the rest of her black and white. It works because she’s solo in the crowd…not quite fitting in with the rest…a style all her own…and I can so totally relate to her. She sits on my desk at work and inspires me all the while I’m working. Her impression stays with me during the day as I go about in the world. We should all create our own identity. Keep our core colors, but feel free to change other parts of us as needed to create a uniqueness that’s all our own.

My whole life has been a path of walking my talk, from creating the path to following it. Some days are incredibly challenging. Other days are full of joy. And still others are a complex combination of both. Really, it’s about going with the flow. When obstacles become transparent, life can go in directions we never dreamed. Knowing is the deep awareness that obstacles become our bliss. A journey down each path is necessary to achieve wholeness.

I love both the crispness and softness of this photo. She is comfortable in her own skin. She knows she has the ability to create her circumstances and be her own unique expression in this crazy world. She has lived through obstacles and is content in bliss…knowing that neither one is ever permanent.

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