Pink, Pearls, Perfume

new summer 2009 041-2Pink, Pearls, Perfume. My everyday mantra. I love this precious pink bud still damp from the rain. The dew reminds me of the lustre of pearls. Her secret scent…a fragrant composition of soft pink top notes that dries down to a rich, mellow amber floral. Her petals…shades of pink that I want to wrap myself in…a cozy pink robe…a flowing summer dress with matching pink shimmer lip gloss and french manicure finished in soft pink. Her radiance touches my heart and exposes her uncomplicated inner depth. What a delight she is in pink splendor. A Goddess in bloom.

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  1. Cathy Ross says:


    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the nice comment! Hope you come back sometime!


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