The Red of Attitude – Myth and Reality

Vermont 2009 047-5When I was five I had a little red jacket. I’ll come back to this shortly.

Ad Red. Fire. Strength. Passion. Power. Sense of Self. Stir vigorously. Voila. A heaping plateful of attitude.

Personally, I find attitude in appropriate portions delightful and enviable. I have attitude. Sometimes though, attitude is a steping stone to greater self awareness. Take me for example. I’ve had attitude from the day I was born (or so Mom told me). One day at the age of two, impatient with Mom’s “patience” (albeit slow driving) relative to her driving skills I proclaimed from my car seat…”GO AHEAD DAMMIT”. My guess is, I acquired some of my attitude from Mom, as two year olds generally tend to mimmick words and phrases they hear frequently. Mom clearly had attitude.

Another example was one cool fall day when I was in kindergarten (a memorable year). Mom and Dad decided that the three of us…my brother Scott, my sister Suzy and me…needed a good dose of fresh air. This involved locking us out and them in, with explicit instructions to play outside and get some “fresh air”. I vivdly remember wearing my little red jacket. It had a hood with some white fluff and a row of gross-grain ribbon around the bottom. I also remember distinctly vehemently declaring “I AM NOT BREATHING FRESH AIR” hmmph!!! And to reinforce this statement into a complete truth, I proceeded to pull my red jacket up over my mouth, nose, and entire face, to avoid breathing fresh air. My declaration was received with chuckles and laughter, and not, I should ad, from me. Humiliating. Myth…Attitude = good judgement.

How often we spite ourselves with attitude. The difference between “positive attitude” and “me attitude” is often separated by a millionth of a degree. Sometimes as an adult I feel a hefty dose of red jacket attitude coming on…you know, someone cuts you off, butts in line, parks so that you can’t get into your car. Now I just let it go. It just does not matter. Reality…Attitude = good judgement. That millionth of a degree 🙂

Attitude is good. Attitude is healthy. Attitude at it’s best is a sense of personal empowerment that is not worn on the sleeve but rather displayed with a subtle inner confidence.  It might be carving a path where no one has dared to go before. Or having the courage to stand up for what is right when you feel alone in the crowd. Stating your truth quietly and clearly, when you are in the minority. Or even wearing red lipstick and nail polish with ease and creating your own personal, unique sense of style.

Let me not judge others but only judge my own behavior and work towards self-awareness and improvement. The red in this flower is the same color red as my little red jacket. She is empowered and alive. Dancing in the wind. Free spirit. Exhilarated and loving life. Standing upright for her truth. I love her attitude. Red Rocks!!

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2 Responses to The Red of Attitude – Myth and Reality

  1. cathyross says:


    That flower was at St. Gauden’s historic site in New Hampshire. It was new to me…and it was gorgeous!!

    Thanks also for commenting on my message…I try to live very consciously. You’ve got some beautiful new pictures on your blog…I’ll drop by and comment very soon.


  2. realistic bird says:


    That is one beautiful flower! Never seen one like this before. 😀

    “Let me not judge others but only judge my own behavior and work towards self-awareness and improvement.”

    Nicely put.

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