Awake In The Dream

Detroit etc 076-3“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake” wrote Henry David Thoreau. How deeply his message resonates with my soul. I am compelled in this moment to reread “Walden”. Nature is the embodiment of Spirit. I get that.

This quote is my mantra. Being awake in my personal dream is no longer an option for my existence…it is a requirement. It is now my natural state. Denial is impossible. Daring to dream can only lead to fulfillment. Nothing is a reality that wasn’t first a thought…or a dream. Did anyone watch the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

I encourage everyone to relentlessly pursue awareness of their dream. There were days I felt totally blocked. Saddened that I could not totally conceptualize what would make my heart jump for joy. Art has always been my avenue to bliss…and I’ve tried many mediums, each of which has brought me incredible joy, but none morphed into a sustainable endeavor. My dream is that this endeavor, Truffles and Tea, takes my passion to another level and sustains me. Each day as I write, I am closer and closer. Once you put something into words…you have made a statement to the universe…and the universe goes about making it a complete reality.

Share your dreams…start a blog…make a declaration to the universe…allow yourself to dream many ideas…one day, one will rise above the rest and you will know, deep in your heart, that you have discovered the gem. The pearl. The path. The journey is always just beginning.

Peace and success to all who have the courage to dream…and wake up in their dream!

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2 Responses to Awake In The Dream

  1. cathyross says:

    Kokot…Thanks for the note! I appreciate the feedback. I added you to my blog roll…I love your blog. Cathy

  2. severnyproductions says:

    sentiments that ring true for me

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