Tress – Her World Delivered

new summer 2009 045-2This is Tress. Tress’ world consists of nothing more than Tress and her immediate whims. Sometimes I think….it must be glorious to be Tress.

Cats are really amazing creatures. They are completely self absorbed with a clearly defined personal agenda that can change from moment to moment. Nothing matters except what’s on their mind. Fickle?? Heck yes. Determined…no question about that. Amusing…goes without saying.

I’m an animal lover. I love dogs, cats, animals at the zoo, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs (even beta fish…but that’s another whole story). Other than zoo animals, I’ve pretty much had them all at one time or another. My first pet was a mouse. I got Humphrey (named after Hubert Humphrey) at the Oak Street Kiwanis Fair one year and paid $1.00 out of my allowance for him. Humphrey was a great little pet. He was a happy victim most of his short life. We would subject Humphrey to roller coaster like Lionel train rides in the  “freight box” car.  To our utter amusement and I’m quite certain his chagrin, his little feet would hang on for dear life as the train sped full speed round and round the circular track. While we howled with laughter, I’m sure he contemplated suicide. He survived this kind of sporadic attention (abuse??!) for almost two years. One day, quite alarmingly, I heard some terrific screeching. Wilma, our cat, had discovered a way to lure Humphrey out to play. Her teeth were his demise. I cried. That was a very sad day. I never did get another mouse, but Humphrey’s legacy lives on.

I think it’s fine to have whims and be spontaneus and self absorbed once in awhile. I mean really…don’t animals know best? What’s good for Tress is good for me. Tress is a great friend and she’s always there for me…at her convenience of course 🙂 She knows how to make me smile. Love ya little kitty!!

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