BLiNg bLaNg bLoOm

 * bLiNg * BLiNg * 


Flowers Summer 2009 159-1Million dollar question. Do you wear your BliNg on the inside or on the outside? I’m serious. We are all born with bLinG. You know, that spark. That twinkle in your eye. The glimmer of hope. The delight that shines forth when your eyes see a loved one, a favorite animal, a gorgeous sunset. The smell of a new baby. A great big warm hug. Listening to your favorite song, maybe a favorite Sinatra song that makes you want to sing and New York New York…and waking up in a City that never sleeps! We all have it. Passion. Dreams. Hopes. Desires. BLiNG BLiNG!!

I’m a little bit of a glitter girl at heart, so many days I wear bLinG. I’ve made jewelry and sold it…bliNg. I love crystal chandeliers…BliNG. Sun reflecting on waves…bLinG. Precious cut stones…bLiNg  BliNg. After a rain when the rain drops leave bLiNg on the leaves and petals of flowers…BliNg.

Let your bLiNg shine forth. It attracts people to you…and you to them. I’ll bet you notice BliNg on someone else. Don’t you love being around people who smile and laugh from the inside out? I sure do. People who radiate love and kindness? Yessirree. It’s contagious. I LOVE BliNg anywhere I find it.

BLiNg  * MaKeS  *  tHe  * WoRLd  * Go *  RoUnD!!

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2 Responses to BLiNg bLaNg bLoOm

  1. realistic bird says:

    The post made me laugh, yeah there is bling bling of many kinds and the twinkle is attractive.

  2. severnyproductions says:

    i can relate

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