Rise and Shine

After Vermont Summer 2009 058-3Rise and shine little bud! When I was younger and heard those words echoing up the stairs…I would pull the pillow up over my head and pretend I was dreaming. Saturdays are meant for sleeping in, right? Not at my house. There were chores. Saturday chores. Like cleaning our rooms and vacuuming. Today “rise and shine” has a different meaning for me. It’s an invitation to start the day in “wonder”. What miracles await? What gifts does nature have to share today? What perfectly aligned situation will greet me at work?

I have discovered that much of life is crafted through my perceptions. When I expect the best…the best follows. If I dread the day…everything seems to be off kilter. I love this precious little bud. She is alive…reaching for the sun…limitless in her potential. One day soon she will bloom, but for now, she is bursting with life and awe as she views the world for the first time. I want to hug this bud and merge with her enthusiasm for life anew.

“Wisdom begins in wonder” wrote Socrates. The life cycle delivers many stages of wisdom…there’s the childhood wisdom we all know and love. There’s the wisdom we gather through our lives as we experience life’s challenges and and bliss. Then there’s the wisdom of the elders at the end as they near the light. All are relevant. All are beautiful.

The message here in this flower, for me, is quite simple. Greet each day with wonder and awe. Reach for the sun. Open your arms, eyes, spirit to the good that awaits. The miracles of life. The Love of God.

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One Response to Rise and Shine

  1. Wow, the picture is so beautiful and makes you feel warm, ready for a new day indeed.

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