Harleys and Docks – The Zen of Friends

Olympus 6-20-09 114BREATHE. In silence, reflect on this for a moment.


Connections of the heart


Comfort in silence


Unconditional love


Secrets shared




A warm embrace


Forever and timeless



All of the above have occurred on this dock. Let the dock be the universal symbol of friendship for the moment. There is nothing as sacred, as honored, as precious as friendship. My circle of friends…which spans thousands of miles and into the heavens…is at the core of my existence. We laugh. We talk. We share. We care. We understand. We forgive. We experience life – together, apart, in silence, in words – it just “is”.

I chose Harleys for guys. And guys…please contribute if I am wrong. But I think the same premise holds true for guys when they ride together into the mountains, on a journey or expedition. The wind, the air, the elements, the connection on the bikes…a bonding so deep as never to be broken.

Whether you drink Marguerita’s on a dock or ride into the sunset on Harleys…the message is still the same. Nothing beats a great friend. To all my friends – past, present and future – I LOVE YOU!!

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