Blogs are like Purses and Shoes…

 …You can’t have just one!

 Flowers Summer 2009 065-5

I am not writing this to promote my other blogs (however, you are more than welcome to visit Monarch Musings I am simply stating that blogging becomes addictive…and like purses and shoes…they tend to accumulate 🙂


Flowers Summer 2009 106-2This flower from Mom’s garden in Vermont is my logo for Truffles and Tea (the pink and green version above). I have a million versions of this flower from original shots to edited enhancements because I love this flower. Is this obsession or passion or both? I have been accused of being obsessive with Truffles and Tea, by none other than both of my daughters. And maybe they are right. These same daughters accuse/applaud me of/for acquiring too many shoes and purses. My oldest and practical daughter thinks it’s unnecessary to have more than one pair of black patent pumps. My younger daughter raids my closet regularly, and would love more to choose from. It’s all perspective. I tend to agree with my younger daughter.


Flowers Summer 2009 106-3My passion for and obsession with purses and shoes (OK and makeup, jewelry) I consider everyday minor addictions, as opposed to the obsession that drives my passion, my dreams, my spirituality. And really, it’s good to have both (or so I convince myself). We are human, right? The truth is, I could (if forced) give up my obsession with and passion/addiction for material things. But, I could not survive without my passion for and obsession with my dreams and my relationships. My relationships both with God and my family and friends are the dearest and most important things in my life. I went through a divorce way back when. Much of my personal accumulation of stuff up until that point was escorted out of my home and life. Fortunately, my sadness was fleeting when I realized that I could lose every physical thing I owned, but no one could take away my spirit. My soul. My relationships. My heart. My passion. My invisible gifts. And in that moment of realization, my sense of freedom, life, and happiness was renewed and became brighter than ever.

Flowers Summer 2009 065-6Awareness, for me, is the key. Keeping things in perspective. I am aware that it’s enjoyable to have things in life. I enjoy being able to express myself with color, clothes, accessories. I also know that this is not the essence of who I am, but an expression of who I am. I am not attached to stuff, but I like my stuff. I can live without stuff, but I can not survive without love, relationships, family, friends, God, spirituatlity – all of which are at the core of my being and existence.

OK…I think I will wear my new pair of black patent pumps today.

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3 Responses to Blogs are like Purses and Shoes…

  1. iheartfilm says:

    I tried the multiple blog thing before. I couldn’t cut it.

  2. Hi,

    Haha yes blogs can be obsessive 😀 you have a great bunch of pics in the new one, very colorful!

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