Sunflowers in Happyland

The Life of a Sunflower

sunflowers 020-3

Happiness is seeing the world for the first time!!

sunflowers 021-3 Last Saturday was no different than other Saturday this summer, sort of. I went down to Eastern Market equipped with my camera but minus my daughter (remember…the responsible one who buys all the fruits and vegetables while I take pictures – she went back to college early). I get lost in my own world down there. I stopped at a vendor with gorgeous sunflowers to photograph. A young boy, all of about 8 years old, with pitch black hair and beautiful sparkly big brown eyes started talking to me. With passion and sincerity he explained that I wouldn’t find sunflowers as beautiful or as reasonably priced anywhere else in the market, and he thought I should definitely invest in 2 for $5.00. He was right, and I made an early purchase on the spot. I was reminded of the book by Og Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World” – a wonderfully inspiring short read.

  dog days 3 046-4

  Once home, the two pots found their home on my front porch. Over the course of this week, they have become my new best friend. Through rain and shine, and the cycle of life, I have become intimate with them. OK, well maybe obsessed with them. One day, the bees came and stayed and visited every bloom.


dog days 3 046-5




And Stayed….

I watched them work….dog days 3 037-2

sunflowers 009-2

 Then of course, I had to play around on my computer and edit and crop and make them into “white daisies” but they didn’t seem to mind.

sunflowers 019-2



One day it rained, and the raindrops glistened like jewels on the petals.




sunflowers 2 024-1



Finally, the day of wilt arrived. With new blooms arriving, the wise old sunflowers who charmed me at the market, expressed themselves with personality and wit as they prepared to go.





 I fell in love with these wonderfully delightful sunflowers. Even as they reached the end of their life, they had pizzaz and character. They reminded me of the precious old ladies you see wearing bright red lipstick well beyond their lip lines and big brimmed sunday hats.

sunflowers 2 019-2

They charmed me from start to finish.

sunflowers 2 018-2

Today I had to cut off the lifeless blooms to make way for the new ones.

sunflowers 2 016-3

And such is the cycle of life!!


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