Kaleidoscope Encounters

_DSC0449-2I immediately revert to childhood when I stumble upon a kaleidoscope. Not only do they mesmerize me, they fill me with wonder and delight. The colors continually forming infinite combinations of delightful patterns. Infinite possibilities. And really, life is like a kaleidoscope full of wonder, dreams, hopes and endless possibilities. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mire of responsibility, relationships, the mundane, the chores. Photography is my kaleidoscope. When I look throught the lens on the camera, I see things in a more colorful way. Endless compositions. The ability to tell a story in a single frame. I could not survive without creativity and art in my life. It’s my lifeline. My joy. My expression. My escape.

When I saw this flower, I saw a kaleidoscope. A rainbow. Comfort. A hand reaching out. The warmth of the sun. A lush green jungle. Hope. Inspiration. Rejuvination. A smile.

Rainbows. Kaleidoscopes. Crayola crayons (all 120 colors) and a blank piece of white paper. What do they have in common? Infinite possibilities. Let your creativity soar. Life is a journey of creative moments. With light and color, the world is a canvas, ready to explore. Enjoy!!

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One Response to Kaleidoscope Encounters

  1. lisahudson says:

    I see Rainbow Sherbet!! Lovely.

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