Good Vibrations

_DSC1148-1This little cyclamen jumped into my basket at the market and insisted on coming home with me. How could I resist the tenderness inherent throughout this little plant? I took quite a few shots of this precious little pot of flowers, and fell in love with this one. The long curve of the stem reminds me of a baby giraffe or swan staying close to its mother. A newborn chincoteague pony. Or even a little cobra with its tongue out rising to the sound of a flute in a foreign market. The more I look at this picture, the more I see. And although my left brain knows that the white ball on the left is most likely a reflection on the lens, my right brain jumps to the conclusion that it is spirit orb or angel floating closeby infusing good vibrations. And then anytime I think of good vibrations I go back in time to the legendary Beach Boys and want to stand up and clap to their ageless song. Sounds, songs, images are so powerful in their ability to lift a spirit to a higher state when circumstances are otherwise. I wish there was a way I could attach sound or a song to my blogs…you’d be listening to the likes of “New York New York” “Good Vibrations” “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” or “Walkin’ on the sun” “China Grove” – more than mood lifters for me – downright get up and dance songs!!

 Today is a new day. A day of hope. A day of something great waiting to happen. Maybe my car radio will greet me with one of these songs. Who knows. Something great is on the horizon!! Happy day to all.

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