Scaling Back

_DSC0464-3The older I get, the more I want to scale back and simplify. I want to be free. Maintain a clear mind. De-clutter my clutter. Let go of what no longer serves my highest good. Being mindful. Every time I go down to Eastern Market, I stop to look at this rusty scale. It has such character. Such charm. Let it carry the weight I no longer need to carry. Actually, literally 🙂 gotta let go of those extra 20 pounds. I find that consciously keeping my mind focussed on positive things or on nothing at all keeps me balanced. Music is always a great way to stay light, and has such a soothing effect on my soul. Drums. The heartbeat. Tones that resonate deeply. Melodies that make you sing in the car and tap your feet on the pedal. I am Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl!!

When I let go I let in light. When I laugh out load I breathe in joy. When I hug a friend I feel alive. When I scale back I feel lighter. It’s so simple really when you get it.

Let go. Let life in. Live.

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