Can Do

_DSC0677-2“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” Henry Ford

I was at a luncheon today and had the pleasure of hearing Dan Mulhern speak. Dan is our First Gentleman in Michigan. This quote hit home for me, and I realized how true it is. Doubt and fear are our enemies in life, and contain within them the seeds for inertia and missed opportunities. I only know this because I have experienced it. Dan talked about opportunity in adversity. How to lead through example. He was very inspiring. And although I don’t agree with Jennifer on every issue, it was endearing to hear about their relationship and how they communicate. I was also intrigued about an observation he described that went like this. When we come into contact with someone, our energy either lifts, or dips afterwards. And ya know, it’s true. Some people naturally raise energy by their positive inner nature, and others leave us drained. For me, it’s the “can do” folks that energize me, and the “can’t do” I can do without. It’s easier to smile than frown. And a little laughter each day goes a long way towards ultimate health and happiness. Don’t get me wrong here. I have moments and days where I’d rather hide under my covers. And I’m guessing my passion and enthusiasm can be draining on folks at times. But in the long run, I know “I can do” what I’m called to do. Cuz if I don’t, I get that nagging sense that I can do more.

Keep it simple. Laugh each day. Wake up with a “can do” smile and get it done. Thanks Dan for inspiring me with your wit and great attitude.

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