Blowin’ In The Wind

Behind the Scenes 061-21962. Bob Dylan. I was five. I really believed that you could hear answers blowin’ in the wind. Born a flower child, my affinity with the 60’s was quite natural. When I was five, my best friends were the willow and maple trees in our yard. The wind blowing gently through their leaves spoke to me. When I was five it never occurred to me that my imagination,  aka my reality, was not everyone’s reality. That my imaginary friends were not “real”. But then again, that was the 60’s, and anything seemed possible in the 60’s. In the 60’s we had hope. We believed in miracles. I mean, I remember vividly July 20, 1969. John Glenn walked on the moon for God sakes. Amazing stuff happened in the 60’s.    When I was in 6th grade I got a guitar for Christmas. I taught myself how to play. When I was in 7th grade I started teaching guitar lessons to 7 and 8 years olds, and this was the first song they learned to play. There I was, a budding 13 year old entrepreneur making $30.00/hour back in the 60’s no less. “Those were the days, my friend, I thought they’d never end” – what ever happened to Mary Hopkin?  Take a second to wander down memory lane and meet me in the tavern cuz oh my friends we’re older but no wiser for in our hearts our dreams are still the same!! Sorry, I get side-tracked reliving the 60’s.

Back in the day we all lived in a yellow submarine and believed in utopia with child-like wonder. Then came Woodstock and everyone got high and bonded under the notion of anything is possible. Get by with a little help from our friends and the fortunate son  As I lamented earlier…those were the days.

And now my friends, we’re older, and I think wiser. Maybe a big group hug and spreading the love like we did back then would help this crazy tired world we’re living in. There’s an energy blowin’ in the wind (wind-power my friends??) 🙂 could this be one of the answers to creating a more sustainable future??

Peace and love to all. I’m just feeling silly and high on life, cuz really, LIFE IS GOOD!! The answers, my friends, are blowin’ in the wind…the answers are blowin’ in the wind. Amen.

And I will leave you with an all time woodstock classic – There is ONLY ONE JOE COCKER!!

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