Today I’m Dorothy

_DSC1480-2Hi. Today I’m Dorothy. Well, figuratively and perhaps even literally. The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie. The wonder of creativity, the paradox. Characters that nestle into your heart and live on forever. The journey to truth that never ends yet always ends in your own back yard.

What is it about the yellow brick road that captivates audiences both young and old? Is it the naivety of Dorothy? The truth seeker in the Scarecrow? The passion and insecurity of the Lion? The vulnerability of the Tin Man? The ego-maniacal wicked witch? The shadows within the truth and the joy of the ride? The intoxication of the poppies? Every single moment has found expression through me at one time or another in my life. Toto, ever loving, ever faithful, ever loyal. Is that a dog or what?

Today when I reflect on this movie I know I have found my truth. I have travelled the long spiritual  journey seeking truth when all the while the truth I sought was inside my own heart…in my own backyard. And it’s so simple, so not complicated, at least my truth that is. What is my truth? That there is something, an energy, a spirit, a God, greater than me yet is me at the same time. A paradox that took a long time to know, realize, accept. All I ever have is the current moment, which through personal responsibility I must use wisely. My choices now are my future. Live with a pure heart, extend kindness, and refrain from judgement. Forgive. Believe. Do. Find and live my passion. And that’s really all it is. And all those things I have inside, in my own back yard.

And now, I’m off to follow my yellow brick road, wherever it leads me today. The land of Oz? Sure.


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