Attitude to Gratitude

_DSC2271-1This is how it started out. “Gosh darn it, I have to go out and rake leaves. What a thankless job and complete waste of time”. Grabbed my new rake, and got to work. This is boring and my arms hurt. When all of sudden, I stopped and listened. The wind was blowing gently. The leaves were rustling. The sun was shining. It was warm, breezy and absolutely the most gorgeous of days. The word GRATITUDE permeated my whole being. And suddenly I got it. Be thankful Cathy. You have a home and yard with trees, without which, you would not be raking. The leaves provide jobs (yes, believe it or not in Grosse Pointe we have_DSC2281-1 city employees who drive a leaf vacuum truck  that literally sucks up leaves off the street). The leaves make the fall the most beautiful time of the year…the colors are amazing. Leaves provide shade in the summer. Photosynthesis. Life. I am healthy and able to work. What a blessing to be out raking leaves on a gorgeous day. When I finished the front yard I decided to reward myself with a photo session 🙂 and then it was time to tackle the waves of leaves in the back yard. But this time I went out with a smile. Leaves are my friend. Leaves are my friend.

The next time I feel burdened by a “thankless” chore, I’m going to turn it into a time of gratitude. It’s amazing how feeling deeply grateful and thankful for and keenly aware of all the blessings I have makes all the difference in the world. Life is a blessing, and even the most mundane of chores have their charm.

_DSC2293-1As always…have a great day and feel the ATTITUDE of GRATITIDE!!!!!

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