Rose Colored Glasses…What Ox??

I see the world through rose colored glasses. Always have. Always will. In my world there is always a way. Always a possibility. Always a dream to come true. Yes, there are those who doubt my intentions. Those who say nay. Days and moments where I become haunted by others truths or negativity… temporarily. I am naive. But inherent in my naivety is my own truth. That all things are possible. That good always wins. That bad passes after leaving a path of destruction. That the sun will rise every day and the moon will rise every night.

There is a story about a market. In the market, a man left his ox in the middle of the road. The ox caused anxiety and frustration because it blocked the street. Then the Zen Master appeared and everyone was happy for surely the Zen Master would solve the problem. Just as quickly the Zen Master disappeared. Everyone was dissapointed. Soon he appeared again down the street. He chose to move past the obstacle by going around it. The ox did not stop him. He did not engage with the ox or the owner. He simply chose another path. Sometimes in life, you just have to move past the drama without creating more drama.

I am not smart but I have earned a little wisdom along the way. I care about others. I want to help make the world a better place. My day today led me out of my comfort zone of naive bliss and the wonder of possibilities into drama. As I write, I am centered again.

Life happens. Life is Good.

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