Buried Treasures

It’s January 2nd and I’m tackling the basement. I don’t know about you, but my basement is like world war III. Seriously. Junk and more junk. It’s where we stash everything we really don’t want to throw out, but know it should get thrown out. A hoarders paradise (only the basement that is) but hoard no more. My daughter Kenzie and I went down there to tackle the jungle and, by the way, made a really good dent in restoring order.

When I begin to go through stuff, it’s like I’m discovering things again for the first time. Like this frog treasure. I have no idea where it came from, but decided on the spot to spare its fate from “Purple Heart”, at least for the moment. He was all wrapped up like new in his white box, and I just HAD to set him free. As I rescued him, I started to think about weeding out my own inner personal basement, my psyche, and what should be rescued from the mire, and what should get discarded for the new year. My enthusiasm for new year resolutions has waned dramatically over the years as they typically last no longer than merely a week or two, then go down to my inner “basement” waiting to be re-discovered. How many times have I promised to work out on a regular basis, give up sweets and carbs, hang up my clothes every night before I go to bed, open the mail  and discard junk mail and not let it pile up on the stairs, and on and on.

Frogs are the sign of fertility and rebirth in Native American culture (I’m too old for fertility!) but I’m not too old to experience a rebirth within myself. I’m going to keep this little guy in my living room as a symbol of awareness to continually release that which no longer serves me or others. A reminder to keep my thoughts fresh and productive. To keep my dreams alive within and without. To recognize the good in everyone and everything. And that in each and every moment I have the ability to renew and refresh my soul through acts of kindness and pure intentions.

I keep saying this, and I will say it again. 2010 is going to be a great year. It’s a year of rebirth and renewal. It’s time to release the stress and tension of recent years and years past and welcome in this refreshing new energy and live each day as though it was my last.



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3 Responses to Buried Treasures

  1. whollyjeanne says:

    if all my frogs looked like that, i’d be surrounded. gorgeous photo, well-written and spot-on post. even though i love the feeling that comes during and mostly after a major clearing out session, i aspire to never be in the position of having to do it again. (wish me luck cause i’m gonna’ need it.)

  2. wifsie says:

    I cannot agree more: a year of renewal and intentions. Wonderful! My daughter loves frogs. On her calendar, bedsheets, carpet, even a collection of stuffed animals.
    She’s got a good kharma. 🙂

  3. Duany@duany says:

    I think the green from was a gift for mom……..but, it sounds like you needed it more 😉
    I was cleaning my basement too……and guess what I found……a vacuum cleaner….
    just kidding 😉

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