Red Rubber Boots

When I was in first grade, Mom bought me a brand new pair of red rubber boots. They were beautiful and smelled so good coming out of the box. I LOVED them. The first day I wore them, it was raining and the playground was nice and muddy. Yes!! In my typical fashion, I remember wandering off by myself, and noticing a gap under the wire fence. Hmmm. Wonder what happens if you stick your foot in that hole. Well, what happens is, you get a big old gaping hole in your new red boots. Oooops. Shoot. Not good. 1) Mom will be angry with me. 2) now my boots have a hole and are imperfect. 3) I feel guilty 4) will I get punished? All the above. I did get in trouble, and of course, was destined to wear those boots til I COMPLETELY outgrew them. So where am I going with this? Here’s where.

I’m guessing we all have a red boot story. You know, a memory that gets buried, and when recalled, brings forth a myriad of emotions from sorrow, to joy, to guilt, to “whatever”. Recently, I have met a group of wonderful new friends in the blogosphere, from artists, to photographers, to writers…all of whom inspire me. Bonnie’s recent post on “Mud-Happy-Writing” in Windshield Thinking (inspired by Maryse’s post on “happiness” in BluAmaryllis) brought up this memory for me, and I decided to expand on it here at Truffles and Tea.

As children, we are meant to be children. We are curious. We are inquisitive. We are open to our imagination. We have imaginary friends. We are innocent. We know angels exist. We are unaware of the trials and tribulations awaiting us in life. We live in our precious little worlds, and as far as we are concerned, we are the center of the universe. Then all of a sudden, we learn about guilt. We learn about responsibility. We learn that actions have consequences. Ahhh…the journey of life. Sometimes I choose to retreat to the world of childhood “wonder” and weave that innocence into my adult life. It allows me to forgive, to live in nonjudgement, to accept everyone for who and what they are. The older I get, it seems sometimes,  the more childlike I become. Maybe that’s why grandparents have such wonderful relationships with their grandchildren (I am not a grandparent yet, but look forward to it). My children are exceptionally close to my Mom and Dad. My Mom who made me wear those “ruined” boots :). But alas, I was no different raising my children. It is our responsiblity as parents to raise our children to know and understand responsibility, kindness, thoughtfulness, independence. That “tough love” thing. And then as we age, it seems, we get to be who we really wanted to be, who we really were, all along.

Anyway, I updated my blog roll. Treat yourself to a wonderful exploration in life through these blogs. All inspire me…from photography, to essays, to writing, to angels…and I am grateful  these friends have appeared in my life, as well as for those friends I’ve known for years (and for everyone here reading this)!!



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4 Responses to Red Rubber Boots

  1. Cathy : ) says:

    WOW…that’s the exact story about my NEW RED TIGHTS!!!! I was so proud of them…AND THEN…..they got a snag in them. My Mom said “Don’t pull the snag or they will run.” Well…you know where this is going. I DID pull the snag and they DID run. I sat and watched her sew up the run by hand while feeling very sad and guilty that I didn’t listen to her 😦 I wore those red tights until I outgrew them.
    Why didn’t I listen to her? I guess we all try out our independent thinking at a very young age. By the way, I too was in the first grade. I have found in my life as well as my daughters lives…that the more independent we’ve been in our thinking…at early ages, the more creative we’ve been. So…I guess it’s been a BLESSING to all of us that we ventured off to our OWN WAY OF THINKING : )
    Your photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Love and Blessings…..Cath

  2. Lisa says:

    I loved this post, I could see the red boots, and your photo really smacked that color right in my mind’s eye! It made me think of so many memories, both as a child AND as a mother! How many times did I make my son use or wear something he had made a hole in? The process of growing up. The other day, we were on the ski lift and my son later told me how he watched as the maintenance man rode up the ski life without the safety bar down and it made my son nervous for him! That made me think, AH! GOOD! so I know my son won’t go up in the lift withOUT putting his safety bar down! So some of the nagging worked.

  3. bwlight says:

    You were an adventurer then as you are now ~ still exploring and now writing and sharing it. I’m glad my post triggered a memory from so long ago and you now recall it with such richness, a lovely romp through the past – and how it’s affected your understanding of life today. Talk about a “perfect coincidence” that it happened to be a memory associated with actual MUD & “red boots!” So now you’ve given back to me, for I will always imagine beautiful red boots when I write in the mud.

    You’ve paired it with a gorgeous red amaryllis (it’s neat it’s Maryse’s inspirational flower) and here we all are. From rain to mud to red boots and flowers!

    Thank you…& for the blogroll add & new friendship.

    ~ Bonnie

  4. wifsie says:

    I believe that retrieving that child-like quality of non-judgment and pure enjoyment of life and its discoveries is THE gift of aging. Because this time we’re AWARE. We know what’s going on. Thanks for this thoughtful post. You’re going to laugh: you’re in the piece I’m working on now. ANd that’s before I even knew you were mentioning me here. So funny…

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