Angels in the Midst

I am one of those people who is equally left and right brained. Well, maybe a little more right brained, but nonetheless, I live in both worlds. I chalk up my “knowing something” in advance to intuition, and my creativity to soul longing. My left brain wants to analyze everything and attribute intuition to a statistical analysis, while my right brain just goes off on its merry way and takes my heart right along with it. Duality.

Enter Angels. I know they exist through personal experience, feeling and knowing (right brain). They are everywhere, literally. I have not had the pleasure of seeing an archetypal angel with my physical eyes (left brain…although I have had the experience of meeting what I believe to be an earth angel) but I feel their warm and loving presence in my heart and I’ve experienced their incredible gifts – from the time I screamed in despair to save my daughter’s life from drowning or to save my beloved little beagle when she got herself pinned under the wheel of a car to consistently finding me the perfect parking space. One thing I’ve learned with Angels is that when I specifically ask for help or guidance, they answer immediately. Oh, and they LOVE gratitude. a simple “Thank You” is fine. They are also there in moments of crisis and are prepared to perform incredible miracles whether you ask or not. It’s amazing. This is where my right brain tells me left brain to “hang it up” and accept what is.

A quick story. When my daughter Brooke was 4, we were at a family gathering with a pool. Brooke was swimming and adults were on watch, so I saw no problem with leaving for a few minutes. All of sudden, in the middle of my conversation in the front yard, I could feel a presence, a voice, an urge like I’ve never felt before telling me to race to the pool. I ran. There was Brooke, motionless, floating to the bottom of the pool. I screamed. My brother in law pulled her out, and began mouth to mouth. Someone called an ambulence. I felt as though I was in another dimension watching, powerless. I prayed. And I prayed. And I prayed some more. I even begged and pleaded. Please God, don’t take my daughter now. Brooke survived without a trace of harm. It was a miracle. About 4 months after the incident, I decided to ask her about it. “Booke” I said, “what happened that day in the pool?” She replied “Mom, I just wandered out to the deep end, and all of a sudden I couldn’t feel the bottom of the pool, and I started to go down to the bottom”. And I asked “then what happened?” In her little 4 year old voice she answered “Well…I saw a tunnel. And it was very bright. And at the end of the tunnel, I saw God. And Angels. And toys. And animals. It was so pretty”. I said, with a lump in my throat, “Well honey, if it was so pretty, why didn’t you want to stay there?” To which she replied emphatically “because Mummy, the Angels told me to stay with you.” Wow. It blew me away, and everytime I remember this story, it brings tears to my eyes. Brooke is now a senior at Michigan State, majoring in Athletic Training, and just a wonderful person.

Angels work in magical ways. They want us to be happy and fulfilled. Take a moment to look at “Lisa K’s Spirituality” website…the link is in my blogroll over to the right…Lisa is a gifted angel therapist, healer, and spiritual counselor, and also has a wonderful radio program. I encourage you to browse her site. I am forever drawn to the mystical.

Have a wonderful day. Ask the Angels for guidance and help. They LOVE us humans, and their joy is bringing us JOY!!



I have to end with one last photo of Zoie. Zoie  has had at least 20 lives so far and must have an exceptional guardian angel. She came to us at a difficult time in our lives and she has given us nothing but unconditional love. Beagles are destined to go wherever their noses lead them and devour as much trash as they can find. Two years ago at the age of 10 she ran into the road and got nailed by a car. That she survived and is here to eat two boxes of truffles on Christmas (and survive that too) is a miracle. Zoie is a special little beagle. She knows more people in the neighborhood than I do. Ohhhh Zoie. She is still with us because I believe the angels watch over her, daily!!

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4 Responses to Angels in the Midst

  1. Hi Catherine hope you are well. 🙂

    You got me with the story there…I’m like NO! Then Thank God! We all have guardian angels, one of the many mercies and blesssings of God.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Lisa says:

    Cathy, I love this angel story! You do have so many angels around you, thats for certain! What a touching story, it just makes my heart skip to read the part about the angels telling your daughter to go back to you! And of course Zoie has her angels as well, probably lots of fairies, the angels of nature. She looks so sweet in the photo, I love the photo too, the colors are wonderful. I almost feel like I can reach out and pet her! Thank you for your referencing my site too!
    much love and angel blessings to you, Lisa K.

  3. bwlight says:


    What a wonderful story and outcome! I’ve been convinced in the past of angels (by them.) And then I go on, forgetting…’til so many things remind me once again. (Like you, I have that Left brain weigh in regularly and I’m learning to balance the hemispheres better.) Staying tuned in to the angels is definitely the way to go!

    Thank you for sharing & for pic of Zoie – what a sweetheart! I believe animals do have a special link to the other worlds.

    So nice to read you,
    ~ Bonnie

  4. wifsie says:

    Like you, I feel that angels are everywhere. My son fell hard on his head when he was 3. On a rock. I heard the head crack. But there must have been an angelic pillow because he was fine. Another time he ran into the street like a maniac (he was 4) and, miraculously, there was no traffic at that time (busy road). Angels are with us! And they’re great for parking spaces or cash register lines too! Your story made me cry. Brooke had a near death experience when she was 4. That’s incredible. Does she remember it? And she stayed with you. What a blessing.
    Love to you and your family!

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