Orchid Angel

To the best of my ability, I try to live my life in a state of “Wonder”. I find that when I am still, and take a moment to breathe, and look around me in wonder, I am one with the moment. And in that moment, everything else fades, and I am one with my breathing, one with God, and everything is in divine order, as it was, as it is, as it should be and will be.

Now for the reality. Having moments of wonder is  like a living meditation, but let’s face it, I can’t spend my whole day meditating. I have to go to work. I have to talk on the phone. I have to sell (although I prefer to say people buy from me) and do what I do to create the means by which I live, eat, pay my bills, support my hobbies, all that stuff. I’ve learned, after many years, that when life gets hectic, the stress starts to pile up, deadlines loom, commitments become a means of suffocation, it helps to take just a few moments to quiet my mind, savor an image, or dream of far away places (like Tuscany or Greece) that I long to visit and photograph…and try to let the pressure release.

This is one of those images. I see this image as an angel, although you may see her as something else. She appeared to me after I loaded the photos on my computer. She seems to be holding a dove…freely in her hands…and the dove is free to fly…away…or stay…and there is a sense of peace, of love, of patience, of serenity, like I am loved for no reason at all other than for being me.

My dear friend Kathy wrote to me…”Michelangelo always said the form of the statue was already in the block of marble and he just sculpted away to expose it.  You are also exposing the forms within the flowers, whether it is the awesome angel holding the doves . . . or bringing out for all to see, the beautiful secret that each flower holds.  You go girl!” I wish Kathy would start her blog soon…her wisdom and writing is a treasure.

What is your marble? What holds your dove? For many of my friends…it’s writing. I LOVE all your blogs. For some, it’s cooking…and I LOVE your delightful food photos and recipes. For others, and like me, it’s photography, and finding the composition that speaks a thousand words. The marble can then be seen as a passion…for isn’t it in passion that our souls become free to fly, to express, to become one in the moment, to create in a time and space that has no sense of time…where all that exists is God, and a sense of being one?

These moments come and go. It’s like the yin and yang of life. And without further ado, I will wrap this up…and wish all of you, my friends, a joyous day…interspersed with divine moments of wonder, and within the peace and calm that follows the energy to create the best life ever.



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3 Responses to Orchid Angel

  1. Wow, you have quite an eye, when you described what you saw then it appeared to me. Excellent picture.

  2. wifsie says:

    Well, my dear, reading you is a moment of wonder in my day! We are the marble from which beauty stems if we’re willing to allow it. To live in wonder is to see beauty all around. That beauty can then feed the one within and create more. Never ending circle of creation.
    Love your posts!

  3. bwlight says:

    Beautiful! Your writing, the flower itself, and the image you see within! I really like how you make mention of the realities of life, as well.

    “What is your marble? What holds your dove?”…this whole paragraph about passion is exciting, a wonderful reminder of how to connect with our deepest self and to the universe at large.

    I hope you make it to your dreamed of places, no doubt the photos and insights will be stunning!

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