Catching Up With Joy

As it happens in life, sometimes you get involved in one thing, and something else waits. Ahhhh…such is the case with “Truffles and Tea”. Not that I have neglected my passion. Not at all. I’ve been busy photographing and continually updating “Capture The Soul” and “Monarch Musings”…images vs. words. And that’s OK. I invite you to take a photographic journey in one of my other blogs, linked below, and know that I will be posting here again soon.

Update…Moehring Florist in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, is now carrying my photo-cards!! Yay!! With gratitude I look forward to expanding my business. My day job, which I love as Director of Business Development for The Engineering Society of Detroit, is keeping me busy also. The Alternative Energy Conference, a vision I had and helped catapult into reality was last week…and it was a huge success thanks to a great committee and teamwork. Now I’m focussing my efforts on helping to pull together a Medical Symposium for leaders in healthcare to come to The Engineering Society and figure out how to improve the healthcare system in Michigan. And all this is good…but my true passion, my deepest source of happiness, is continuing to reach out to my friends through my passion for photography.

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. Kathy, a dear friend of mine, and I were having dinner this week with our daughters, in Mexican Town (which I was Twittering about – and I love to tweet so follow me on Twitter under cathyross). We both share a passion for flowers, and especially Tulips. The conversation took wings, as it always does, and she suggested I look for unusual flowers at Moehring Florist – and you just read the outcome above. Kathy and I both have a passion for tulips, and she called me yesterday, excitement in her voice, to tell me she had purchased several bunches of tulips, and one stem in particular, reminded her of a “Mother and Child” and would I like to have it to photograph. Before she could finish her sentence I was at her house to bring my new child home. Flowers, and their gifts of grace and beauty, resonate so deeply in my soul. Like this one. Tender. Strong. Guidance. And this is how my life unfolds…little gifts of joy, big gifts of joy, and they fill my heart. My deepest desire in life is to help spread JOY!!

That said…I will be back writing soon. Until then….remember, a joyful heart is contagious!! Spread JOY!!



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5 Responses to Catching Up With Joy

  1. Flower takes away stress. And for a women a perfect decoration for her wedding day.

  2. Kerri says:

    Such a LOVELY post ~ and I can definitely see the Mother and Child in this shot! LOVE it!
    I am so happy for you Cathy!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on your photo cards! I keep marveling at how beautiful your photos are and thinking, gee she should make them available for purchase!!

    lots of love, Lisa

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