The Artist Within

I have come to believe that there is an artistic muse in every one of us longing for expression. You may say, not me, I’m not artistic or creative. And I shall say to you “my friend…living your life is an art of expression”.

You may say…I long to find my muse…I don’t know where it’s gone. And I will ask you “where does your imagination take you when you daydream?”

You may say…I have a muse but I’m not content with my art…and I will say to you “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

I believe that artful expression is a journey through the soul and back. It’s a place where your soul has no conception of time but only of creating beauty. Whether you are lovingly stitching quilts, creating dolls with personality, designing jewelry, photographing nature, writing poetry, blogging, woodworking, design, decorating, cooking, entertaining, painting, inventing, teaching, learning, sharing…you are opening your heart and letting your muse’s creativity flow.

Think of this. Everything you see, feel, or touch began as a thought (day dream). Thoughts are energy. Energy is a creative force. Therefore the world exists as pure creativity. By living in and experiencing the world, you are a creative being.

Day dream. Try new mediums of expression. Keep on searching for your soul expression til you all of a sudden you lose track of time. There is no time. There is only the flow of creativity. That is your muse. That is joy. Find your joy and share it!!

To all my friends and readers…thank you for stopping by and sharing my JOY!



P.S. If you are on Facebook…I have just created a fan page for “Truffles and Tea” and would love to have you “become a fan” –  and to make it easy, here is a link:!/pages/Truffles-and-Tea/362431863028?ref=ts

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2 Responses to The Artist Within

  1. oooooooh, love the call to creative living! And especially HOW you describe the way to know you’ve found your muse!!!

    • Cathy Ross says:

      Karen ~ thanks for stopping by and for leaving the kind note! My muse has been with me since I was very young making mud pies with berries in the back yard (again, no sense of time until that cow bell rang out through the neighborhood for dinner). Thankfully i have evolved since those days ~ Cathy

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