Sittin’ In The Morning Sun

One of my photog friends, Beverly, posted a photo today on her blog of a duck sitting on a dock and she called it “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” and it got me thinking about “time.” Is it wasting time to sit and reflect? To sit in the morning sun and be sitting in the evening sun? Watching the tide roll away…I actually enjoy sitting in the sun and reflecting. Or watching people walk by. Or watching the clouds roll by and looking for faces and shapes in their billowing images. I enjoy studying a bee on a flower and watching the rain beat on the window pane in a summer storm. I sat on this bench in Woodstock Vermont and felt the sweat trickle and tickle down my spine. Boy was it a scorcher that day. I can listen to Otis sing his song a million times and each time hear the same and new message. Things always change and never change. I like my reflection time, and I’m happy to let the tide roll away cuz I know it will roll back.



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3 Responses to Sittin’ In The Morning Sun

  1. what a lovely image! I love sitting and just watching the world go by, its good to reflect and relax, also a time to observe and let your mind wander!

  2. What a lovely image. Sweetly nostalgic. It invokes a feeling of quiet reflection. Superb!

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