It Is What It Is

It’s hot. It’s muggy. It’s buggy and thick. And it is what it is…this precious animal conveys. Images get me thinking. This cow has nasty Vermont black flies feasting on her and there she sits. Centered. Calm. Peaceful. With a rusty old tub for some water to quench her thirst. Acceptance and surrender. On the bright side…The sun is shining. There is a breeze. The landscape is divine. I think she’s exceptionally beautiful peacefully accepting what is and content in the moment. And who knows. Maybe she is quietly praying for bigger pastures. An air-conditioned barn. Bug spray. But she knows that things happen in the right time in the right moment by accepting what is now.



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One Response to It Is What It Is

  1. Chris says:

    This is wonderful, Cathy! Acceptance is the cure for all my problems today.

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