There Are Days


There are days and then there are days. Today was one of those days. Without a specific goal in mind nor any sense of confidence that my muse would be at my side today, I knew where I would find inspiration if it were to be found for me today. I headed out to Eastern Market, parked the car and ventured down one of those all too familiar dark market alleys that your nose begs you not to enter. At the point where the alley transformed into the market, I found myself in the vibrational presence of the most incredible sound. This rhythmic beating sound, with thunderous zest and appeal, shook the very ground I stood on, and became one with my being. I stood there for a few minutes lingering in the pure delight of reconnecting with a force so powerful, so great, so encompassing, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. My muse, who never left me in the first place, nudged me and out came my camera. Here is what broke my morning apathy!!



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