Lesson Of The Lens

The farmer said to me…”I can think of alot more interesting things to photograph than those eggs” to which I replied…”You’d be surprised”…

But I wasn’t surprised…

The more I focus in, it seems, the more I see. The lesson of the lens is pretty amazing. When I focus in on someone’s finer qualities, the more I appreciate their essence. When I let go of my old impressions, I can see goodness where before I might have seen imperfection. I’ve looked at ordinary eggs a million times. But on this farmer’s table, I saw them again for the first time.



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3 Responses to Lesson Of The Lens

  1. I couldn’t agree more – photography makes me see the world.

  2. Kim says:

    Very, very true! Ditto what Julie said above – you work is incredibly impressive!

  3. Julie G. says:

    Cathy, your wonderful post expresses EXACTLY how I feel about your photographs. Your ability to capture the subject and bring out SO much more is quite a feat. I think that is why your photography work appeals to me so very much. Your images bring about wonderful feelings. I am forever impressed by your body of work. You are especially talented!

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